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I am sure by this time, I have got you thinking about


Yes, that is the correct and most important question for you to ask with an easy answer.

I want to make a website.
I want to get more leads.
I want to grow my business.
I want to sell products online.
I want to Startup an Online Business.

The reason can be many, and trust me; this is the Easiest question to answer.

None of the Business Owner fails at answering this question, but they fail at the questions that come afterwards.

Do you know how you are going to do that?

The problem is not Why? but HOW???

How you are going to make the website the way you feel it is best for your audience?
How are you going to get more leads for your business?
How will making a website help you grow your business?
How you can use your website to sell products online?
How can you start an online business?
Manish Gupta


I'm Manish Gupta

I started making websites in 1999 when i was 19.
I have faced these issues first hand and answered many of them, creating a 8 - 9 figure successful business online.

Don't Repeat my Mistakes

This guide is my way of preventing you from doing the same mistakes I did when I started out my business. It is meant to help you understand what you need to do to be successful in making your business online. 

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