I have A Special One Time Offer Bonus on my Full Edition of Marketplace Profit Calculator. 

What is the Full Version of Marketplace Profit Calculator

The Free version of Marketplace Profit Calculator makes you aware of how Profits are calculated on per transaction in a Multivendor Marketplace but there are tons of cases to emulate and ensure you are profitable in each case. How do you ensure Profits in each transaction?

It is the HolyGrail of earning Profits
when starting a marketplace...

The Marketplace Profit Calculator changed the way I do everything...

The Calculator helped me see my business in a new light. I wanted to start a marketplace but was discouraged each time due to lack of clarity on how and when I will get returns on investment. The Full Edition of Marketplace Profit Calculator by Manish helped me map each scenario and transaction on the marketplace making me take control of my business and PROFITS 🙂  


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