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How to Start a Marketplace?

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Starting an Online Marketplace is like any other business.
You need to plan, create processes, journeys and execution. 

I have a Marketplace Setup Planner created for you.

Let me help you plan, a plan for creating a marketplace.

I have seen business owners struggling with questions related to Starting an Online Marketplace. Sadly there is not much material available and that is the reason why I decided to create a Setup Planner for Starting an Online Marketplace. It includes the following. 

Choosing Sector, Industry & Category

This is the first part of your journey as this will decide whether you create a horizontal marketplace or a vertical marketplace. It helps you focus your energies in that direction then. 

Partners in Success

What are the Five main departments that you need to focus on when you decide to Start the Marketplace. Who should be your partners in success.  

Evaluation Criteria's

When you are on a lookout for a partner (an agency or an employee) what are the questions you should be asking them. How do you evaluate that they are the right fit. 

What You'll Get In This Free Planner

You can download this planner for FREE.
It will help you understand the process of planning to 
start a multivendor ecommerce marketplace.

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