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The Conversion Companion

"One Of The Best Ways Of better Conversions Is to make a design that converts"

"You Don't Have To Struggle Anymore, I Have The Answer!"

Manish Gupta

Manish Gupta

Conversion Optimization Specialist for a decade.

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Manish Gupta

Manish Gupta

Hi! My Name Is Manish...

I'm the maker of ShopFrames, an expert resource that is a secret weapon for anyone who wants to grow conversions of his eCommerce Website.

It saves you fees you may pay a "Professional" who might create Mockups of your website  without thinking of conversions. You can choose from multiple options of high converting mockups. Better ROI, More Sale, Higher Conversions & Time Saved. 

It's not easy to have "a design that converts" (i.e., an eCommerce website layout that helps you to sell)

Un-till now, we really had 2 options for getting designs for an eCommerce store.

Get Inspired

You can get inspired by millions of websites that are trying to sell. Some of them might be successful but do you know WHY??

Hire a Professional

You hire a so called "Professional" to make designs for your project. But do you believe he is thinking of conversions. 

But both of the options create additional problems.

First, even if you get inspired by sites that are selling you are completely unaware of the fact if any of them is really making conversions. Then what do you do, you Hire a Professional...

But, again, there are 


to hiring a Professional...

Promise, Promise, Promise... FAIL

First, the vast majority (upwards of 80%) of "professional" designers lift the designs from an existing template. Their layout are created to impress you not yours buyers and they fail to offer desired results. They will talk Big game, But will almost always over promise and under-deliver.

They know nothing about your brand... FAIL

Secondly, nobody knows your brand better than you.

So, by hiring someone else, you hope that they'll understand your consumers and in/out of what you are selling. They will often have experience in the same industry, but the client segmentation changes as per the product.

They are expensive with no Guarantee... FAIL

Third, hiring a designer isn't cheap; the lower priced ones will charge you $2000+ for a website mock-up. An average one will charge between $5000 - $7000, while the good ones will come at a cost upward of $15000. And this is the cost you pay for a mock-up which you don't know will SELL or not.

I Was Also Struggling, This Is Why I Created an eCommerce Wire-framing  tool!

The Conversion Companion

You Get All Of This For Such A Low Price!

180+ High Converting Design Components designed specifically for eCommerce website. 
Components to design all crucial pages of your eCommerce Store.  
Instant download available with files that you can open in Adobe XD, Figma or Sketch. 
Facebook Group w. access to me for Questions. 
Instant and Lifetime access to the repository with no Monthly Charges. 

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...And Right Now It's Is Even Better Value!

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The Fact Is That My eCommerce Wire-Framing System Has Already Helped Thousands Of People Master Selling Online!


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Jane Silvestre

Verified Buyer

"I was surprised to see how it helped me drive conversions on my website. I am not a technical person but viewing the PDF files helped me decide the way I wanted my online store to look and get more business."

Josh Patel

Verified Buyer

"I looked at the live preview and the variety was amazing. There are plenty of wireframes out there which can help me design mockups for my clients."

Tim Broadbent

Verified Buyer

"I just purchased this and can't wait to use it on my projects! This will definitely increase my workflow. Thank YOU guys!!"

David McKinnon

Verified Buyer

"Very clean and beautiful. No Frills, just to the point, what I want"

The Conversion Companion

Ready To Up Your eCommerce Website Conversions?

You Better Be Quick!

Was: $297 Now: $7!

This Incredible Price Will Not Last Forever!

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