Have you ever Started something?

Now this is a very weird question to ask cause all of us know that we did started something at some point of time in our life but then the bigger question is

Did you FINISH it?

This is not a Trick question, No I am just asking if you feel that you did Finish what you Started.

I have seen people going in circles, cursing superiors, management and even circumstances but never asking this question to themselves.

They complain they are over worked and seems to be under a never ending spiral of infinite uncertainites (sorry I went overboard with this) but truly what they are suffering is just a single problem of leaving everything unfinished.

Leftover tasks are a great pull to your productivity which will add to the fire and eventually you will be swamped into a Fire Fighting mode with everything around you in a state of Utter Chaos.

On the other hand finishing work at hand will give you a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction which will have positive effects on your life spiritually, personally and professionally. I am yet to come across a person who says he is happy though following him is a trail of unfinished work.

To conclude and emphasise on finishing what you started there is just 1 tip that I can share with you, a point which I have seen many people faulting.


Be it a project, an event plan or anything else if you do not know what needs to be done to finish it then you will never be able to finish it so Start with a List of Tasks that you need to Finish. See it daily, cross what is done and see the effect it has on you.