Hi Everyone,
My question to you today is

  • Had there been a time when you feel you have failed or you have lost it?
  • Had there been times when you had felt that you do not know what you are doing and where to go?
  • Had there been times when you had felt that you have been trying hard but still not reaching the place you want to be?

If you feel like that, then I must say you are on the RIGHT TRACK, and I am HAPPY for you.

You now have 50% of the solution to succeed in what you do. 

Every time you fail, you will have one more way that won’t work.
Failure is temporary defeat, but the good thing is it is Temporary it can be used to your benefit and experience. It will last until you don’t get up and try another way of reaching or solving the problem at hand.

Why do we Fail?

We fail for reasons that are under our control and reasons that are out of our control.
We fail because we fail to plan effectively.
We fail because we fail to execute the plan.
We fail because we fail to review the execution of the plan.
We fail because we do not want to succeed (some people think they can’t)
We fail because our FEARS are bigger than the TRIUMPH of victory.

How can you succeed?

Before I do that, I will ask you a question, do you believe that most of the successful people you met never failed? Think of one person you feel is successful, and you will find a failure story. Trust me, the failure they faced was BIGGER than what you might be facing today or in your lives. Then why did they succeed despite a hostile audience, physical disability, or any other form of failure?


They believed they can Succeed.
They learned from why they failed.
They could see the pattern of events that led to their failure.
They were determined to Fail Fast and NOT SPEND TIME SULKING ON IT.
They were not blaming others for their failure.
They were not VICTIMS of the circumstances but found an OPPORTUNITY in the same.

So next time when you fail, Fail Fast, Acknowledge Faster that you have Failed and Plan faster for next TRY you want to give it.

The secret recipe to succeed in anything you do is

Because you may have lost a Small Battle, but you can surely win the WAR.


I hope you have heard of a game called Angry Birds they are successful but what is the understory.