Hi Everyone,
I hope you had a wonderful week and if not then surely you can make the week ahead wonderful for you.

I wanted to speak with you about Disappointment today. I am sure you must have heard of this statement now or then used maybe for you by your elders or subordinates.

If no one has been Disappointed in you then I am Sad for you cause Disappointment only happens when someone expects something out of you.

Have you heard of the old saying that Never Expect Anything from Anyone and you will never be Disappointed and it is true also but then in life with people around you whom you trust and show loyalty you surely end up putting in the burden of your Expectations on them? Think of your mom, your girlfriend/wife, your team lead, your team members even your government. You expect them to be something every day and every minute, if they let you down you are surely going to be Disappointed.

The same happens to you and me. The clients we work for expect a certain way of working from us, the team that we work with expects a certain style of working and in case they are not what we expect there is disappointment at both the end.


Now the first thing you have to understand is that the person disappointed is someone who expected something from you, then you need to understand what was expected from you.


An answer to this question is the only solution cause it will give you direction for your actions which you can pursue to change the course of your situation.

Try to understand what you did wrong or what is it that the person in front of you perceived that you did it in the wrong way. You will be surprised to see that the ones disappointed in you are usually the Fan’s of your work and they wanted that work to be done by you and only you but they lose sight of what you have done and why you have done it that way.

At times you will be at fault, accept it gracefully and prevent a repetition of the same. At times they would not have understood what you had done and clarifying your stand will make them understand you better.

It is just a communication channel that needs to be established in the best of the ways you feel will be needed to prevent the situation and educate yourself or the person as to why and how you did things the way they are done.

Assure your Fan’s (yes your Fan’s) that you will do whatever it takes and they will be able to see your sincerity for sure. When you say that do it for Sure and Real.

Remember whatever you do “Do Not Leave a Person Disappointed for Long”.